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A Proposed Organization
performance optimization for the built environment

We are A Proposed
. Our firm seeks to consider
successful strategies
and solutions specific for the project, the people, and the place.


Karin Miller is a sustainability strategist, an urban planner, a wander walker, a people watcher, and the principal and founder of A Proposed Organization.

An explorer by nature, Karin has lived in Copenhagen, Milan, Rotterdam, Cleveland, Portland, New York City and Chicago, learning from each unique context. Her instincts to seek out, observe, listen and learn from multiple perspectives equip her with skills necessary to facilitate discussions amongst stakeholders.

Karin's open-minded approach to projects allows her to excel in multiple different roles and capacities. She is fulfilled by opportunities to connect individuals with others and with the resources they need to be successful.

Karin holds a master's degree of urban planning from the Politecnico di Milano and a bachelor's degree in environmental studies from the University of Michigan.


A Proposed Organization is a Women Owned Business


WELL Accredited Professional
International WELL Building Institute

Living Future Accredited
International Living Future Institute

U.S. Green Building Council

Fitwel Ambassador
Center for Active Design


Politecnico di Milano Thesis

Miller, K. Sustainable Neighborhood Development 2010: A toolkit for understanding US and European Approaches.

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What We Do

We provide consulting services to optimize how buildings and the people in them function. 

Tapping into ten years of consulting and construction experience in Chicago, Portland and New York, The firm supports a full spectrum of project types including sustainability strategy, research, certification coordination, and educational curriculum development.



How We Can Help

Manage building and/or neighborhood certification
Sustainable materials research, review and vetting
Sustainability protocol or policy creation and/or review
Certification research and quality control review
Educational training development
Facilitate charrettes to identify goals and action items
Feasibility studies for building/neighborhood certification
Identify opportunities for integration of sustainability measures or health benefits on neighborhood, building, or landscape  


Who We Can Help

Building Owners
Construction Managers
Community Organizations


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Where We Work

In large scale office buildings in New York, in the vacant lot down the street, in the existing building at the university, with non-profits, corporate clients, community partners, architects, owners, developers, construction managers, pessimists and idealists. Our work is both local and global.

Ann Arbor, MI Milan, Italy Portland, OR Rotterdam, Netherlands Chicago, IL New York, NY

Karin's instincts to seek out, observe, listen and learn from multiple perspectives equip her with skills necessary to facilitate discussions among all stakeholders.


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How We Work

Passionate about connecting individuals and networks, we seek opportunities to identify common goals, encourage unexpected partnerships and shift perspectives around the built environment.

We value a collaborative process and work hard to contribute in meaningful ways. Establishing relationships and building trust are core to our operation.


Our Clients


The Durst Organization
New York, NY

Materials Sustainability
Management and Oversight
Training Development


Trim-Tex Inc
Lincolnwood, IL

Materials Documentation Support

Scavolini USA Inc
New York, NY

Corporate Sustainability Strategy
Materials Sustainability Support

University of Chicago
Chicago, IL

Facility Standards Sustainability Guidelines